The reason for personal coaching is not always an apparently hopeless situation. The motive to decide on a professional guide can also be reasoned as optimizing your own human resources.

Coaching or paving the way for a new or expanded purpose:it is a simple way to summarize what the English word "coaching" means ! Coaching includes the procedural attendance to individuals in professional and personal requests.
This form of personal counselling, "escort" and systematic encouragement, occasionally called "empowerment", is rooted in the fields of sport and is now applied in the personnel and personality development.

Coaching is to be understood as a systematic procedure of consulting and reflection and it is a foreseeing, preventive but also preserving, stabilizing and -when required - curative investment in oneself and the professional future.

The client discovers his own scopes of action, solution and decision with the help of different methods orientated towards resolving. The customer is actively supported and accompanied by the coach, being there for him, within the time of conversion, because to recognize is not to act and to want is not to know.

For example the following grounds can be the reason for coaching: a downturn in the career, a professional one-way-street, lack of decision- making (for instance dropout, inner or outward dismissal, inner act of protecting oneself, burnout) as well as the desire to exhaust one's own potential, to optimize resources, to orientate oneself newly and a lot of things more.

Target groups are as a matter of fact, priority persons, who want to change or enlarge or move something fulfilling for themselves or even for other people.

The matter of concern of Global Career Concepts is to optimize and to fortify your abilities.

We support you in realizing your professional demands.

Our top-coaches are specialized in increasing and consolidating your potentials. We analyze your necessities and create together with you your career.

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