Our world has become more and more linked together. Today good contacts and relationships between various individuals, institutions, organizations and - not to mention - nations are more important than ever. We have an extended network at our disposal and different democratic nations and international organizations have put their trust in us. We support them in finding the right personalities for the possible positions in the diplomatic service. Our portfolio includes the establishment of honorary consulates as well as he initiation of an appointment as counsellor of the government or as an extraordinary ambassador.

We attach particular importance to the preservation of the interests of the Vienna Agreement for Diplomatic Relations (WüD) and the Vienna Agreement for Consular Relations (WüK).

As there are only a few of us experts in this field we stand at the side of the candidates and authorities in a counselling and representing way. On the one hand we work as a neutral and all-party mediator between the nations and organizations and on the other hand for the designated diplomats. We get the right persons together around the conference table and we make a long-term and successful cooperation possible by careful weighing of the mutual interests.

At this time we are instructed by different well-known democratic nations and organizations, to establish honorary consulates or representations. If you are interested please call or write to Global Career Concepts if you have any questions. We would like to confer with you personally about all further details.

Would you please contact us here.